Seven Types of Goals We All Should Consider Making


What are Seven types of goals we should all be considering?

Seven Types of Goals we should all be setting and working towards

It’s a funny thing, for some reason we all understands that goals are important to success, but for some reason, there are still relatively few people that actually set goals regularly and commit to them. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems the data proves this bit of information.

Some say that part of the challenge is not understanding the main categories related to goals. It is said that there are several areas of life that have a great impact on the rest of your life. That’s what we are going to dig into today. It’s important to have suitable goals in each of these areas to create a fulfilling life. As a reminder, try to create SMART goals in each of these areas.

Here are Seven Types of Goals I Recommend…

1. Health

riding bike for exercise

If your health fails you, there’s not much else that matters. Most people that set goals fail to include a health goal of some sort. This is a mistake.


  • Be sure to include a diet or exercise goal. Include the input of your physician. Keep in mind that being incredibly fit does nothing for your longevity. Moderate activities followed consistently will usually provide adequate exercise.
heart healthy food

When I think of health there are several things I think of. 

I often think of Self-Care first which includes three main areas…


  1. Body – this could include nutrition, proper sleep, and exercise programs.
  2. Mind – this could be things like meditation, coping and mindset development.
  3. Spirit – this could include things like religion, getting out in nature, and practicing gratitude.
woman meditating
Next I think of Relationships which includes three main areas…
  1. Self – this could include healing work, and self-compassion.
  2. Loved Ones – this could be things like quality time with family, and setting boundaries.
  3. Community – this could include things like volunteering, and joining a support group.
You can set goals around any of these areas and to me, these are the most critical areas in life. It seems if you get these dialed in you’ll have created a pretty amazing life for yourself.
family meeting and community is important for wellbeing

2. Personal Development

personal development to be a better people person and connect deeper to community

We’re happiest when we’re growing in some way. It’s a bit disappointing to take a hard look at ourselves and realize that we haven’t changed significantly in the last 5+ years. We feel proud of ourselves when we become more developed and capable. It is rewarding seeing consistent growth year-over-year. There are a variety of ways to do this.


  • Take college courses.
  • Learn an instrument – a guitar or yukulele.
  • Learn a language.
  • Learn how to garden.
  • Learn how to do a cartwheel.
  • Learn how to paint or draw.

I personally think of myself as a life-long learner and so I am always signing up for online courses to learn some new skillset related to my business, my skillset, or a hobby I am interested in.

3. Job or Career

Business and career goals

Most of us spend 40+ hours each week at a job of some sort. It’s a huge part of our waking hours. When you include getting ready for work, driving there and back, and all the time you spend outside of work thinking about work, it’s a lot of hours.


  • There’s a lot of competition in the workplace. If you don’t have any goals regarding the direction of your career, you’re much less likely to be satisfied with your career growth.

4. Financial

career goals

Financial issues are a major source of stress. This is hardly news to most of us. Financial success opens endless opportunities and can also free up a lot of time, especially if you reach the point where you don’t have to work any longer.


  • Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of becoming wealthy. They have pangs of guilt over having too much. However, it’s difficult to truly be free unless you’re financially secure.
  • Given the importance of money in modern society, it’s important for everyone to have goals related to this topic.

5. Travel or Adventure

Egyptian pyramids

Down deep, we all admire those people that visit the pyramids of Egypt, try whitewater rafting, or go to Africa on a safari. Taking part in adventurous activities gives you a new perspective on life. In my own travels it’s opened my eyes to other cultures and lifestyles or perspectives. Travel can really grow and stretch us. It also makes you really interesting to others!


  • Each person has their own idea of what constitutes a perfect trip or wild adventure. To one person, it might be skydiving, but to another it might be spending a long weekend in a foreign country like Holland.
To me this one is NOT critical per se, but it does certainly help you learn and grow as well as offering the ability to have interesting stories to discuss with friends and family. it can be done with community or solo-missions either way it is fun and I do think traveling is great for your wellbeing and worldview.


6. Short-Term Goals

How do you deal with big life changes?

If we do set goals, we often make the mistake of only setting short-term goals to get out of the discomfort we’re currently feeling. It might be to come up with an extra $500 this month or to lose 15 pounds.


  • Ideally, short-term goals exist to move us toward long-term goals. Pursuing an objective set far into the future gives your life meaning.
In business I am a little more formal with my goals setting. So I have short-term goals that I work on daily/weekly addressing issues that might be keeping me from hitting my long-term goals. 

So for example a short-term business goal I am working on might be to write a welcome email  sequence for my latest course. I also do two weekly videos, a weekly blog article, and a weekly newsletter. These are easy to measure completion and fairly easy to accomplish.

7. Long-Term Goals

First time home buyer - long-term goal to pay off the home in 15 years

Long-term goals for me are anything longer then 90 days. So to use my business example again I set weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. Long-term goals for me are my 1-year goal, my 3-year goal, my 10-year goal, and my 22-year goal (how and when I plan on retiring snd selling my business).


As I mentioned above with short-term goals, they are set up to build on one another and will lead up to the 1-year goal which could be 50 clients joining my membership, which leads to my 3-year goal of 250 people joining my membership, 10-year goal might be 1500 members, and 22-years might be selling the business.


In your personal life this could look a little different. Short-term goals might be to get a raise. Long-term goals might be to remodel your home, or maybe buy your first home, or maybe pay off your home in 15 years. Getting the raise could lead to more financial wins to set aside more money to save for your big purchase. When doing goal setting it might be good tying your short-term and long-term goals together.

How many goals do you have? Do you have any of these seven main types of goals covered? What other categories can you think of that are important to you? Consider what’s most important to you and ensure that you have a goal that addresses it.


Most successful people have unbalanced lives because they put too much attention on one area and neglect others. Learn from their mistakes by maintaining balance and you’ll find greater overall happiness and fulfillment.


If you’d like to join a community that I am building related to living your best life and including setting goals in different areas, you may like to check out the Change Makers Academy.

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