Hellagood Life FAQs - Hellagood Life Frequently Asked Questions

Hellagood Life FAQs -
Frequently Asked Questions

Hellagood Life frequentasked questions and answers to them.

What does 'Hellagood Life" mean?

The term “Hellagood Life” is really an idea. It is a concept that means to live the most fulfilled and rewarding life possible. Every life is filled with suffering, but those living a Hellagood Life are able to find the beauty, happiness, and love even in the thick of life’s deepest suffering. 

It is a life filled not only with seeking your own joy, happiness, and success, but also helping others to reach their own personal best along with you. It is a thought and lifestyle of living the maxim of ‘being the change you want to see in the world’. 

We believe we are better together and maximum joy can come from thriving as a community not just seeking enlightenment or success on our own.

I like this quote to also understand it is learning to respond in a healthy way to any and all circumstances in life instead of reacting poorly to negative situations. It is the journey as we are all a work in progress.

“Everything can be taken from a man but… the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”

Viktor Frankl

You can read more thoughts in the article – WHAT THE HELL IS A HELLAGOOD LIFE?

How do I pay, cancel, and/or manage payments?

All payments are collected on the purchase page of the course/membership you bought. If you bought a recurring subscription or membership, you can manage your payments and or subscriptions within your account settings. 

If you need help let us know and we can help you confirm any edits or changes.

Can I get a refund?

Depending upon what you buy, there will be different levels or abilities to get refunds. The refund details will be handled  based on the course/membership page details.

How long do I have access?

This also depends upon what you buy or sign up for. Several courses offer lifetime access. Some purchases are available only with the monthly recurring subscription payments. 

Some offer free lifetime access while others offer full lifetime access to the course/membership after the payment plan is completed. The specific info should be covered by the specific program page you enrolled in the program on.

What is the time commitment for this?

Creating a Hellagood Life is a lifestyle of success habits that you incorporate into your life. 

Every person will have different needs or be at different points on the path. This is a lifestyle that will require continued learning, practicing, and growing. Each course or membership will outline the amount of work typically required.

How do I access my course(s), membership(s), and/or my account details?

So if you are on this site, the quickest way to login and access your course(s), Membership stuff or account info is to click the header link for “My Dashboard

The My Dashboard page will offer you the ability to login with the email address and password you used to set up your account and purchase your course(s) and/or membership(s).

If you lost or cannot remember your password you can click on the  “Lost Password” Link under the login details on the My Dashboard page, to reset your password.

How Do I Fix Password Issues?

So I should first start by saying I work really hard to make sure your identity and financial info are secure. I have the password security on strong and it requires 12 characters currently. 

Sometimes folks have troubles creating a strong password or remembering their password.

Of course you can always reset your password if you forget your password, but one of the best solutions is to use a password tool like LastPass to help you create ultra-secure passwords and also to remember them. 

The tool often adds your new (or even old) password to the software whenever you log in to programs and websites.

The beauty of a tool like this is it helps you manage thousands of strong passwords and all you have to do is remember 1 password to log in to the password manager tool.

Beyond this… if there are other issues, please schedule a call to discuss the problem you are having.

What Do I do If I struggle Reseting My PAssword?

So sometimes when you are having trouble logging in to your account it could be because the automated email is getting lost in your spam folder or junk email folder. If you tried resetting the password, but do not seem to get an email with the details to reset your password, it is probably due to your spam filter.

One way to fix this is to Whitelist the HELLAGOOD.LIFE  URL. If you use gmail, here is a video explaining how to do this. The process is often very similar on other email platforms as well. If this does not fix things schedule a call to help get things cleared up.



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