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SELFCARE Mindfulness Course Testimonials for Hellagood Life

SelfCare Mindfulness Training for creating a Hellagood Life. Read the testimonials for hellagood life.
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I really liked this week’s meditation! I loved the list of positive affirmations and wanted to write them in my journal! I also liked the visualization meditation. I found it was relatively easier for me to maintain my focus.

Mark Clee


30-Day Daily-Meditation Habit Builder Challenge Testimonials for Hellagood Life

30-Day Daily-Meditation Habit Builder Challenge
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I’m currently participating in Dale’s 30 Day Meditation Habit Builder Challenge & just completed week 3. I can’t say enough about how beneficial this challenge has been for me! I have had a meditation practice but had fallen off of a daily formal habit. 

That’s all changed now. Dale has given me simple tools and ideas to spark a daily meditation practice & to keep me going long after the challenge ends. It is a self directed course, so it’s easy to fit into my day & I look forward to each daily post and meditation. 

The community of like-minded individuals that support the program AND each other are an added bonus. If you’ve been looking to restart a practice, build a daily habit or even learn to meditate, “don’t sleep on this”! I give this program 5 stars! Thank you, Dale!

Debbie Elkins

Retired Nurse

Jenni-Jacobs-headshot_ccexpress (1)

I am in Instructional Design and just went through Dale’s 30-Day Meditation Habit Builder Challenge. I am pretty judgy of courses but was surprised how well this course flowed. During the challenge I had the longest meditation streak I’ve ever had. This was due to the community and accountability of the group and the challenge. This was a really great experience!

Jenni Jacobs

CEO, Speaker, Instructional Designer


Thirty days of guided meditations. Dale introduces you to the many kinds and lengths of meditations and explains the benefits of each one. 

 A weekly zoom meeting gives you the opportunity to practice in a group setting as well as connect and share any struggles or victories you have had during the week. 

 He also answered any questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. I am more aware of what is happening in the moment, and can also notice I can get to sleep sooner by using meditation to quiet my brain. I am sharing what I learned with a small group of friends. Everyone would benefit from this course.

Nancy Royer


This 30-day meditation challenge really helped me get on the right track. I also learned so much. For instance, I always thought you had to quiet your mind in order to “successfully” meditate now I know that is just not true and after a 31-day straight run I am now on the 22nd day of another long run of daily meditations. 

I started with just a few minutes, another fallacy I had heard about how long you needed to do it was blown into the wind, now I love to do 30 minutes and sometimes twice a day. I can truly say this course has changed my approach to my life in the best way possible. Thank you Dale Berkebile

Jennifer Gale

Retired Healthcare Executive / Chief Strategist at Pink Hat Digital


Well I finally managed 100 days of meditation in a row. Has it changed me? Have I achieved what I wanted? I am calmer these days, my anxiety much much less and easily managed. It has also made me realise how little attention I pay to myself. 

Where to from here? The next 100 days will be a part of the mindfulness course I’m going with Dale from Hellagoodlife. The focus will also be on connecting so I take care of myself. By the way I don’t get up at 5am and go to a separate room etc. I simply do my meditation in my bed before and or after sleep. It’s so easy and starts and finishes my days calmly. Give it a try.


Hey, Dale. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the 30-Day Meditation Challenge. It helped to get me back into daily practice, and for that, I am SO grateful! Thanks, again, for doing what you do! You’re a treasure!

Rebekah Fowler

Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin–La Crosse


The challenge really has gone quickly! This has definitely been an enriching experience!

Sarah Spencer

Grateful Living: 5-Day Gratitude Challenge Testimonials for Hellagood Life

Join the Grateful Living 5-Day Gratitude Challenge to create a Hellagood Life!
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I just completed Dale’s 5-Day Gratitude Challenge. It was a wonderful experience. Dale’s daily emails were well written and encouraging. The directions were clear and concise. I liked that he had a section on REFLECTION and ACTION. The daily activities were easy to accomplish within a busy schedule. As an added bonus, Dale did the challenge with us. It was nice to watch his videos as he shared his personal Gratitude Challenge with the group. I would highly recommend Hellagood Life!

Nancy Michlin

Co-Owner, CEO, Certified Health Coach at Back To Health Family Chiropractic


I greatly enjoyed my 5-Day Gratitude Journey lead by Dale. There are several things I learned along the way.

First, I learned to take time out for myself, reflecting daily on my blessings. I discovered that it was easier each day to find things for which to be grateful. The more I contemplated what I have, rather than what I don’t have, the happier and more satisfied I felt day by day.

After experiencing this deep feeling of gratitude, it made me want to be more generous to others. I felt I had so much, I could help others materially and in other needed ways.

The journey has helped me slow down, taking intentional time each day to acknowledge my blessings. I find I also experience “pockets” of gratitude throughout the day. I am more cognizant of the smallest of blessings: enjoying my morning coffee, admiring a plant in my garden, and other things that before may have been perceived as mundane, now are recognized as blessings for which to be grateful.

It was a very interesting five days, and I like how this exercise has made me feel — so much so that I am going to continue this practice through daily journaling my gratitude.

Another benefit I did not anticipate is that of sharing my daily gratitude items with my husband. We’ve started ending our day by identifying those things for which we are grateful. 

As we lie in bed, after sharing how our day went individually, we end the evening by sharing our 5 items of gratitude. The result? This practice has DOUBLED our gratitude and has brought us even closer as a couple. We look forward to ending the day in this manner, and hearing what the other has to say.

If you get the opportunity to participate in Dale’s course, I believe you, too, will find it helpful as well as fun!

Thank you, Dale, for your guidance, exercises, and encouragement along the way.




Dale Berkebile, you’re doing SO MUCH good, you may never know how many people you’ve helped or touched in some way.


I have finished the 5 day challenge with Dale. Gratitude for my self and others is a healthier lifestyle change.

Gabriella Ruelas


The Grateful Living: 5-Day Gratitude Challenge was a great opportunity to help people become better people.

Jeb Bagley

General Testimonials and Kind Words for Hellagood Life

Hellagood Life

Nice work Dale! Daily meditation is key to my success. I have a daily meditation I’ve been doing for 5+ years. It’s been essential to managing the stress, finding peace, and focus! Every course creator should hire you to help them build their own meditation practice.

Chris Badgett

CEO of LifterLMS


This is such a beautiful meditation!

Andrenee Boothe

Owner and CEO at The Beautiful You Beautique


Hey Dale, I just wanted to thank you for your meditation last week. I didn’t share my Gathas because they were very personal to me but it was an exercise that was very emotionally healing and enlightening. Thank you!

Lee Ann Bryce

Senior Minister


I hope you were thinking of me when you created this meditation. I really needed this right now! ❤️ ❤️

Carolyn Berkebile


Dale Berkebile I understand that you share for us to help ourselves and each other, but I don’t believe that you realize your impact. It is a pleasure to learn and hopefully grow from your heart and soul. Thank you.

Jeanne Duvall

Marketing Manager


Dale, As a client/consumer and fan of your teachings, I’m so excited about what I’m learning about meditation and the ways in which these practices will inform my own work and expand my capacities. In our last meditation, you showed up with amazing and authentic energy and led a powerful session. Thank you for what you are doing! 


Thasia Anne Lunger
I appreciate all that
you are doing with
Hellagood Life
Keep spreading
the positivity

Thasia Anne Lunger

Poetess, Social Worker, Community Activist

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