Free Meditations from Hellagood Life

Here at Hellagood Life we eat, sleep and breath meditation. we intentionally do all kinds of meditations depending upon what is going on and what our needs are. Because this is such a core and foundational part of our lives and this business, I thought I would provide a free resource where I collect a few of the free meditations I have offered and created over the last few years. 

We use this page as a way to give back to the world and help people that might be new to meditation or looking for a new meditation leader to guide them in a new way or just make different meditation style more accessible.

So welcome to this free meditations from Hellagood Life and free meditation resources. Please try out a few of these meditations that I am proud to offer the world. May you find more peace, love, and joy because of your meditation journey.

Dale meditating in the park by the museum. What if I'm too busy to meditate? - free meditations from Hellagood Life

Free Audio Meditations

Compassion Meditation - Four Infinite Thoughts

“Just Like Me” Compassion Meditation Practice

5-Minute Meditation for Pain Relief

Free Video Meditations

The Pebble Meditation led by Jax.

This is a very experiential meditation using visualization, breathing, physical objects, and reflecting to really connect in a deeper way. We both have our eyes closed and opened in this meditation.

Sleep Meditations

Try this 10-Minute Guided Sleep Meditation.

Try this 60-Minute White Noise Sleep Meditation.

World Peace Day Meditation.

September 21st is World Peace Day. In 2022 I offered a free live meditation for World Peace Day because I think every day is a great day to meditate for peace within ourselves, within our families, within our communities, and within the world. Join me in meditating for Peace. 

So this was a meditation I did for World (or International) Peace Day. The idea to celebrate World Peace Day is to stop and take a moment of silence at 12:00 noon to send positive energy out into the world while thinking about nonviolence and peace. I obviously did this through meditation. This can be done on September 21st or any day really.

World Peace Day Meditation

Other Meditation Resources You Might Be Interested in

Free Self-Compassion Mediation Bundle

Want to try adding more mindfulness and meditation to your self-care routine? Click below to get several self-compassion meditations to start using as soon as you sign up.

To me, self-compassion is one of the most overlooked or undervalued self-care practices we can do. I created several (currently 4) self-compassion meditations and bundled them together to focus on helping people step up their self-compassion game. I’ve included a bonus video as well. If you’d like access to this self-compassion mini-course just click the button below. It is free, but I originally built these into an online mini-course so it does require an email address and profile to login to and access the mini-course.

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