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Did You Know Practicing gratitude can lead to happiness?

Prof Ed Diener, an American psychologist, shares that HAPPINESS IS BENEFICIAL and that it CAUSES…

There is a lot of scientific research showing gratitude is really good for you.
Ed Dinner

Are the struggles in your life overwhelming and keep you stuck in a negative mindset?

Is it hard to find gratitude, appreciation, joy, and thankfulness in everyday life?

Do you find yourself looking at all that you DON’T have and want to start appreciating all the goodness you DO have?

GREAT news! In this 5 days email challenge, you’ll start noticing and appreciating the small things, build stronger relationships, and shift your mindset.

Join the Grateful Living 5-Day Gratitude Challenge to create a Hellagood Life!

Meet the Business Misfit

Hi, I'm Dale Berkebile!

I started Hellagood Life as a way to help people build and live their best lives. In 2013 I struggled with depression. By introducing a regular practice of self-care and gratitude I was able to break free of my depression and build coping skills that offered a surprising sustainable happiness. Once the pandemic hit, I managed through pretty well and it opened my eyes to how important this self-care and mindfulness stuff really is. So I want to share some of my biggest wins with you. I want you to thrive, cope with anything life throws at you, and just live your best life – a Hellagood Life!

Dale Berkebile

Do you ever feel like you’re in a bad remake of the movie Groundhog Day, where every single day is the same? Some days it sure feels like we’re just going through the motions, with little time to eat or sleep.

If you’re tired of living on that hamster wheel to nowhere, it’s time to slow down and appreciate all that life has to offer. I’m not saying quit your job and go live on a deserted island, but you can certainly live your best life – a grateful life – right in your own backyard.

Let me introduce you to the Grateful Living 5-Day Gratitude Challenge… sign up and You’ll get 5 Days to Gratitude, Peace & Contentment. I will provide you with daily emails which serve to give advice and inspire you to take some steps each day to reclaim gratitude, peace, and contentment in your life.

Here’s a rundown of the week’s challenges:


Day 1


Day 2

The Power of
"Thank You!"

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

About the Challenge

Each email also has homework assignments and tips which help you to slow down and focus on yourself, for once. If your body and your psyche aren’t taken care of, then it will be difficult for you to take care of others.

You’ll also have accountability when you check in to the private Facebook Group. You’ll meet other challengers there as well as those who have already been through the challenge and want to lend their support.

Simply register by entering your info below and I’ll send you immediate access to the Facebook Group! I can’t wait to meet you!

family meeting and community is important for wellbeing

So are you in?


What people are saying…

Nancy Michlin
Nancy Michlin
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"I just completed Dale's 5-Day Gratitude Challenge. It was a wonderful experience. Dale's daily emails were well written and encouraging. The directions were clear and concise. I liked that he had a section on REFLECTION and ACTION. The daily activities were easy to accomplish within a busy schedule. As an added bonus, Dale did the challenge with us. It was nice to watch his videos as he shared his personal Gratitude Challenge with the group. I would highly recommend Hellagood Life!"
Belinda King Scholl
Belinda King Scholl
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 "I greatly enjoyed my 5-Day Gratitude Journey lead by Dale. There are several things I learned along the way.
First, I learned to take time out for myself, reflecting daily on my blessings. I discovered that it was easier each day to find things for which to be grateful. The more I contemplated what I have, rather than what I don’t have, the happier and more satisfied I felt day by day.
After experiencing this deep feeling of gratitude, it made me want to be more generous to others. I felt I had so much, I could help others materially and in other needed ways.
The journey has helped me slow down, taking intentional time each day to acknowledge my blessings. I find I also experience “pockets” of gratitude throughout the day. I am more cognizant of the smallest of blessings: enjoying my morning coffee, admiring a plant in my garden, and other things that before may have been perceived as mundane, now are recognized as blessings for which to be grateful.
It was a very interesting five days, and I like how this exercise has made me feel — so much so that I am going to continue this practice through daily journaling my gratitude.
Another benefit I did not anticipate is that of sharing my daily gratitude items with my husband. We’ve started ending our day by identifying those things for which we are grateful. As we lie in bed, after sharing how our day went individually, we end the evening by sharing our 5 items of gratitude. The result? This practice has DOUBLED our gratitude and has brought us even closer as a couple. We look forward to ending the day in this manner, and hearing what the other has to say.
If you get the opportunity to participate in Dale’s course, I believe you, too, will find it helpful as well as fun!
Thank you, Dale, for your guidance, exercises, and encouragement along the way."
Gabriella Ruelas
Gabriella Ruelas
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"I have finished the 5 day challenge with Dale. Gratitude for my self and others is a healthier lifestyle change."
Jeb Bagley
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"The Grateful Living: 5-Day Gratitude Challenge was a great opportunity to help people become better people."

Your life is more important than you may believe -
Invest In Yourself
You are Worth It!

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