About Hellagood Life: History, Goals, & Dream List

Company Structure…

Core Values:

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Raise People Up
  3. Build Leaders
  4. Change The World (in a Positive Way)
  5. Build Community

Hellagood Life's Purpose:

BEING a positive change in the world

Hellagood Life's Niche:

Building Programs, Education, Support, & Communities that lift ALL people up.

Who's Behind Hellagood Life?

Dale Berkebile

Hi, I'm Dale Berkebile…

Bio coming soon…

About Hellagood Life:
The History and How It All Started

Hellagood Life - Life is messy! Living doesn't have to be! About Hellagood Life
dale in crisis mode

The Perfect Storm of Chaos

In 2013, Dale Berkebile, a 14-year business owner, ran into a major business downturn. Introduce some major life events, a few personal traumas to the downturn and it's easy to see how things went sideways for Dale. This sent Dale tailspinning into depression and was a dark time and things were really rough for 2 years.

Struggling to get medical support or any help from friends and family, to break free of this awful state, he desperately started seeking to build a solution to try to fix this problem on his own. He tried many different things with very few leading to ending the depression.

The one main thing that seemed to really start leading to a path out of this mess, was meditation. He doubled down and started meditating daily and has been since 2013 when he started. This lead to other self-care tools to build a solid foundation an ongoing program as he never wanted to go back to this dark place.

Gratitude… for Gratitude. I am thankful for my life, my wife and my family among so many other things.

Life Purpose Defined

Around this time, Dale defined his purpose in life which was to challenge people to become innovative leaders so that we can change the world together. This changed his clarity and focus in all he did.

April, 2019
Let's talk about creating a Hellagood Life!
April, 2019

Hellagood Life: A New Frontier

In April 2019, Dale bought the domain Hellagood.Life. He got to work setting up a new site, not sure what it was going to be yet.

March 16, 2020
Do you get bored while meditating?
March 16, 2020

Pandemic Times: How Can One Cope With Uncertainty?

On March 16th 2020, Dale started realizing that the world was heading into a pandemic and people were probably as ill prepared for a chaotic storm as he was when his depression hit in 2013.

On the 16th he started a Facebook Live video series teaching people how to meditate by giving them basic tips on how to get started with meditation and quick readings related to topics around stress or anxiety.

He started transitioning this to interviewing experts in space of kindness, therapy, and wellness and kept these daily videos going for 150+ days.

Goals for Hellagood Life:
Why We Do What We Do

Dale’s personal purpose in life is to challenge people to become innovative leaders so we can change the world together. Hellagood Life’s purpose is BEING a Positive Change In The World.

So it is Dale’s intent to build a safe space that allows people to get vulnerable, ask for help, and continually work on themselves as much or as little as they feel they need. I want this to be a community of action takers, of change makers, of people passionate about creating a more loving, supportive, and inclusive world. One where we lift people up and help all people thrive.

Dale wants YOU to use these resources to fill your cup and heal. He wants you to deeply understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and make sure that you are getting all your needs met first, and then as you start growing your Self-Actualization muscles, he hopes you realize meeting your own needs and reaching this stage, is so valuable that it is almost a duty to help others climb this ladder to self-actualization as well.

Dale personally hit rockbottom and has personally struggled with several of these stages, but as he figured out how to overcome his own struggles, he found systems and practices, and ideas or mindsets that he realized could be accessible to ALL people if they had the right guide and THAT is what this site is all about – GUIDING YOU to reach your full potential and hopefully moving you to help others reach theirs.

How are you dealing with insecurities caused by the pandemic? How are your Safety needs being met? Let's review maslow's hierarchy of needs again. Learn About Hellagood Life and why we do what we do.

Dream List: How Do We Want To Show Up and Change The World?

To be a good fit here you must already buy into the concept of Being The Change You Want To See In The World.

You are probably already testing out your leadership or activist skills are have been wanting to build these skills fro some time, but not sure how to get started. For those further down the path, this site and programs will just help you level up in healthy ways and create a sustainable path for doing what you already do a little better.

So like MLK Jr, I have a dream. I dream about helping many like you step in to more leadership roles to help lifter other people up. Beyond serving you, I dream about building a leadership team that not only helps our Hellagood Life members, but also starts leveraging our skillsets, knowledge, energy, and money to support causes we are passionate about.

Here is a list of causes I want to work on…



There is no reason in this day and age we are unable to address poverty in a more healthy way. If we want to lift ALL people up, them eradicating poverty will be a priority. We need to support impoverished communities and help to build decent paying employment in these communities that make employment very accessible.

Racism, Sexism, and other Oppression based on 'isms"

Part of our walk should always be showing kindness, respect and support to our fellow human beings no matter how different they may seem via superficial classifications.

Being we are all more alike that different I hope we are able to help people break free of comparisons and start to see how inter-connected we are. Using force, or power, or finances to oppress others harms us as much as it harms those we are trying to repress. Helping others thrive actually helps all of humanity thrive, including ourselves.

Prison reform

If we address poverty and oppression, this one might take care of itself eventually, but in the meantime we should be working towards prisons that are focused on helping learn skills and ideas that lift people up. 

We should be helping them learn better ways to live and actually thrive in society instead of just locking them up and trying to punish them, or worse teach them new criminal based skills to become repeat offenders once released. This also means helping them succeed once they are released.

Policing Support & Reform

Policing is tough work and many cops probably join the force in hopes to do good and to help people, however, being surrounded by criminal activities and the stresses on the job can easily lead to jaded ideas and PTSD.

It is probably very hard to do their job if we are jaded or dealing with PTSD. We need to help them develop self-care routines, psychological training to better understand people and why they do what they do, and/or add mental health professionals to assist in supporting communities they protect and serve.

Political reform

Just as policing has its issues, politics has its own issues as well. Initially, politicians were in hopes of creating a better world and sadly the more bureaucracy and over-complication started seeping into our systems, so did corruption, greed, and abuse of power.

If we could help more politicians grasp mindfulness and different ways to fill their own cups in healthy ways, we'd be able to weed some of the corruption out of politics and recreate some models that truly serve the masses justly and with equity and equanimity.

Addressing Violence & Public Mass Shootings

Seeing the ongoing news stories about school shootings, bullying, and other forms of violence really weighs heavily on my soul. There are better ways and fighting violence with violence only causes more violence. We can do better and this is a cause I am very passionate about.

Education reform

Schools have become big business and heavily based on testing. During the pandemic the cracks started showing and the industry as a whole started breaking down a bit.

Teachers are overworked, are pushed to do so much more than teach, are are underpaid and under trained for all we ask them to do. Many are burnt out and few are entering the industry due to decades of disrespect to the industry. Admin, teachers, and students alike need more support.

I would like to see schools add more mindfulness based training from top to bottom to help with burnout and just teach/lead from a more positive place and pass on healthy coping skills to the children. Raising kids should be just as valuable to society as any profession including doctors or other praised fields.

They should not only be compensated like these top industries, but also respected like them. We truly need to add SEL (social and emotional learning) to all school programming and see this just as valuable as any testing program.

Better neighboring & Community Building

We need to reengage in good neighboring and community building. At one time we were very connected to our local community, but that seems like something only a few seem to pull off today. We've moved into a society that is very "me focused" and highly removed from community.

Very few know who their neighbors are nor have their contact info available easily available or ever do anything with their local neighbors. We need thriving and supportive communities where we are more deeply connected to one another.


Since the Earth is our only place we can live to-date, we should probably take care of it and stop doing things that harm our home planet. This includes addressing things like global warming, pollution, extinction of animals, overpopulation, and support of national parks.

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