What if Vulnerability was your Superpower?

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In a world that feels mighty and empowered by winning at all cost have we lost a bit of humanity that actually makes us our best selves?

What am I doing writing about “vulnerability” like some expert when I have no idea what the hell I am doing creating this site or what I want it to be. Am I living a bit of imposter syndrome pretending to be an expert at something I am not? Maybe, although I never claimed to be an expert. As Brené Brown discussed on her recent Netflix program, Brené Brown: The Call To Courage, if you get in the ring your going to get your ass kicked, but I have respect for those courageous enough to jump in the ring even when they are on the ground sweaty, and bloody, and struggling to see through the dirt and their tears.

Here is the trailer if you have not watched this program.

Anyhow, back to vulnerability. So what is this site about? Well, it feels like there is a total shit-storm happening in everyday society. The US politics has totally gone off the rails. I mean it was corrupt as fuck my whole life, but somehow we recently got bold enough to embrace the assholes we’ve become and actually flaunt that shit. Add to this the power of, and even the anonymity at times, of social media where we can be a total unfiltered jackass to anyone because they cannot knock us the fuck out, through their computer or phone. Yeah, we’ve created this dog-eat-dog world of meanness and corruption and I started to wonder… could there be another way?

So my journey began. I am no trained expert. I am no better than anyone who may be reading this, oh except for YOU, you know who you are. I kid. That was a really shitty thing to say even jokingly, right? Of course, but this is the kind of shit we do every day. If you have thick skin, you probably kept on reading without blinking. If you are sensitive, you are lucky if you made it past the cussing earlier in this article.

As I sit here in my home safe and protected, I can write whatever I want. It can be offensive and mean or it can be uplifting and positive. The goal of this site is to continue building a resource for positivity. In all honesty, I’ve been in “the right”, for well over 20 years. You see, I am a business owner. Business is a sport focused on winning, however somewhere along the way I started looking for a deeper meaning to my life. Why the hell was I doing all this? Why the hell was I okay getting my ass kicked all the time. Don’t get me wrong I had some big wins and a fair amount of exciting successes, but I also have been down and out truly wondering how I’d ever get back on top.

This lead me to much reflecting and self-exploration. Then came my son’s birth and a downturn in my business and I started asking not only… “how will I support my family and this new kid?” but also… “when I die, what kind of life will I look back on with pride instead of frustration or sorrow?” This lead me to a place of being vulnerable. Very vulnerable. I gave up wanting to keep up the facade of being tough, bold, and strong, or at least doing it at the cost of others. Empathy is not my strong point, but I am not a dick, just less sensitive or emotional. I didn’t go out of my way to hurt people, but some got hurt with my honesty and directness. Some may have been hurt by my drive.

As I mentioned, something changed in me. It might have been when my car was stolen and I nearly caught the guy doing it. The window was down and I looked him in the eyes as I chased after my car. I was an angry bitter man for the next 6 months. Then I questioned… “why would this guy do this?” Instead of… “why me?” and this changed my life. I started seeking the root of the problem instead of the problem itself. I found empathy for the guy. I thought maybe he didn’t have positive role models, or career opportunities, or stable home life, or love. Then I reached a place where I felt sad for this guy and wanted to help him.

Anyhow, long story-short, I started working towards improving my neighborhood and those that I assumed where struggling. I wanted to give back and make change.

Beyond this, I also started building a Facebook group where I wanted to expose others to this idea and create a movement of positivity and action. The group is called BE THE CHANGE and is focused on adding more positivity, kindness, respect, and love to the world. This may have partly been selfish on my part because I certainly could use more of all this stuff. After about 2-3 years and few people are active posters and very engaged, but they stick around for some reason. My goal for this site is to build on the ideas of this group. I’d like to build a thriving community of people working towards bettering the world in some way. If you’ve made it this far in the article, you might be one of those weird people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world. I am here to tell you that YOU CAN! You just need to find some small little habits and start practicing them regularly.

Thanks for checking out the site and stay tuned because in the future I am hoping to add educational resources and classes related to concepts that I think can help people find more happiness, love, and joy in their lives. I currently uploaded the Discovering Buddhism course I curated and organized for my business site (The Business Success Movement). This course is free so check it out if you are seeking ways to find more joy in your life. Buddhism could be a solid first step.

Peace, Love, and Respect, to you my friend!

Join the BE THE CHANGE facebook group where it is always the right time to do what is right!

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