9 Tips to Create a Feng Shui Bedroom



Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects and living spaces to promote positive energy flow. It has been used for thousands of years to create balance and harmony in homes, businesses, and other environments. By using the principles of feng shui in your home, you can bring about a sense of calmness and relaxation that will help you live a more balanced life.



Creating a feng shui bedroom is one way to achieve this balance by creating an environment that encourages restful sleep and good health. A well-designed bedroom should be peaceful yet inviting; it should also have all the elements necessary for a good night’s rest as well as promoting overall well-being.



Once you have a better understanding of what feng shui is and why it’s important to create a balanced bedroom, the next step is to apply the principles of feng shui to your own space. So what are the rules to a feng shui bedroom? Let’s take a look…

Here are 9 tips to help you create a feng shui bedroom that will bring peace and tranquility into your life.

1. Position your Bed Centrally

When setting up your feng shui bedroom it's important to remember to center your bed into a power position within the room.

One of the main questions people ask early on is… what is the best direction for your bed to face to align with feng shui principles?



The central area of any space is known as the “power position” and it should be reserved for the most important piece of furniture in that room. 



Bed placement is considered to be one of the six essential elements of feng shui and the bed should be placed in a commanding position so that it is not directly in line with the door. Instead, it should be positioned diagonally from the entry to create an environment of safety and inner peace. 


You should also have a sturdy headboard and/or have the head of the bed against a wall.

2. Use natural bedding and materials that are friendly to the environment

Remember eco-friendly natural bedding is not only wonderfully comfortable, it is breathable, and aligns with the energy in a feng shui bedroom for better sleep.

One of the best ways to achieve a truly balanced and natural bedroom is by selecting eco-friendly materials for your bedding. 



Natural organic fibers such as organic cotton and bamboo are ideal choices as they are free from synthetic materials and thereby provide superior breathability and temperature regulation. 



With the right materials, effort, and dedication you can create a bedroom space that is peaceful, full of natural beauty, and also comfy and cozy!

3. Ensure your Bed has a Bedside Table on Either Side.

Adding bedside tables to either side of your bed is an essential part of creating a balanced and harmonious bedroom space. Bedside tables provide a convenient place for items such as reading material, lamps, and other everyday items. 


As well as being practical, having two well-positioned bedside tables can also help to create symmetry in the room, which is important for achieving a balanced feng shui bedroom.


Furthermore, placing plants or artwork on each side table can also help to inject life and energy into your space.

4. Minimize Technology

Don't forget to minimize technology for your best night's sleep in a feng shui bedroom.

Technology has a tendency to disrupt our sense of balance and peace, so it is important to minimize the amount of technology present in a feng shui bedroom. 


Technology such as televisions, computers, tablets, and phones should be kept out of the bedroom if at all possible.  



Not only can these devices generate electromagnetic fields that can affect your sleep quality, but they also cast a blue light that disrupts normal melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep.


Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, but so does insomnia. If you’ve ever had restless nights or picked up your phone and been unable to get back to sleep you might understand how important this is. 


Do your best here and I think you’ll feel the difference fairly quickly with more sound sleep.


5. Keep Your Work-Life Separate

It is important to create a feng shui bedroom that keeps your work life and personal life separate. Working in the bedroom can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious as the space becomes associated with productivity and stress. 


Therefore, it is important to keep this area sacred for rest and relaxation only. Try to avoid bringing any work-related items into the bedroom such as paperwork laptops or tablets as this can be a distraction from finding restful sleep.

6. Make Sure to Keep Only the Books You are Currently Reading in your Bedroom

Minimize the number of books you have on your nightstand. Try to keep it to just the books you are reading. Remember clutter kills the feng shui bedroom energy.

Only have books you’re currently reading in your bedroom to ensure that your sleep environment is free from potential distractions. 


Keeping your bedside table or nightstand clear of any books other than the one you’re currently reading can help reduce the amount of stimulating mental activity before lying down to sleep. 


Additionally, having a designated spot for books can help keep your bedroom free from clutter and reduce the need for potential distractions.

7. Nourish the Senses

Don't forget to nourish the senses in your feng shui bedroom!

Nourishing the senses is essential to creating a calming space that promotes a good night’s rest. To do this, feng shui recommends introducing elements into your bedroom that bring pleasure, relaxation, and comfort.


Try adding soft textures like plush rugs, velvety fabrics or cozy throws. Introduce colors that are soothing and calming; this could be in the form of wall paint, artwork, or even accessories like candles and pillows.


You might want to avoid vibrant colors like reds and yellows as well as artwork that is very active in nature. We are trying to create a calm, restful, and relaxing space.



Plants can also help to liven up a space while providing clean air for better sleep quality. Beyond this you could try adding a small stereo or white noise machine to offer soothing sounds.


What about your sense of smell? For this you could add incense, an oil diffuser , or try something like Dr. Teal’s Sleep Spray to not only offer soothing smells but also scents that help with sleep like Chamomile or Lavender which are great for getting your ready for a deep sleep.

8. Incorporate the Use of Candles and Soft Lighting to Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Candles have long been used for their calming properties, providing mental and physical relaxation that helps bring a sense of balance and harmony to our minds. 


The soft glow from low-light bulbs also helps transform the atmosphere and can provide an instant sense of calm as you lay down to sleep. Together, these two elements will help create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom and promote healthy restful sleep throughout the night. 

9. Make Sure to Keep Drawers and Doors Shut When They are not in Use

Keeping all drawers and doors closed when not in use is a fundamental part of achieving a peaceful and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. It helps to create an environment that is free from clutter, which can make it easier for your mind and body to relax before sleep.


Doing these things before bedtime can also help create positive associations with your bedroom environment so that it becomes a place of refuge instead of a source of stress – leading to improved physical and mental health outcomes. 


So, make sure your drawers and doors are closed before you doze off!

Conclusion & Final Thoughts on your Feng Shui Bedroom

Sleep is such an important part of life. It is one of the main things that helps our health, keeps our energy and attitude up and minimizes burnout. 



So because of that I think exploring ways to leverage your bedroom and implementing strategies to really capitalize and invest in yourself and your health seems like one way to live your best life, a Hellagood Life.



Feng Shui in general might be a great way to improve your bedroom, your home and life in general. I’d recommend exploring the topic more and let me know your thoughts or experiences with feng shui or a feng shui bedrooms. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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