Mindset Is Everything – Let Me Tell You A Story…

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Mindset is everything!

Mindset is everything.

I was happy to see one of my business mentors talking about the importance of mindset in their sales/marketing course.

I recently attended a 3-day business training that was virtual and 10-hours per day. This was a pretty intense weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). It included several great workbooks with exercises to do, virtual training and group coaching sessions  around the workbook lessons and exercises, and yes this event was also a promotion to fill one of the other programs this mentor offers. 

After the event, I saw a handful of posts relating to feeling that some of the attendees saying they paid too much for this event. There were options to join this event for $197 or VIP level for $397 (I think that is right). The complaint was that this expert didn’t deliver on their promise. This is certainly one opinion you can have. It seems it was around 1% of the attendees believed this way and were willing to share their thoughts in the Facebook group. Others have the opposite opinion, finding that they got more than promised or at least enough to be satisfied, and that mindset too is fine. I think it is a choice to choose one of these two options.

What we must ask ourselves though is why can two different people, have two complete different outlooks when they both attend the same event and same experiences. On some level it might be where they are starting from. Some may have been through previous trainings or a member of one of the coaching programs related to this type training, and so this weekend training event boosted what they were already doing. Others may be much earlier on the path and have never done any of this type of work before.

I’d bet though, the main reason for the differences though, is mindset. If one person was hoping to be able to gain all of this expert’s 20+ years of knowledge in 3 days, this may have been an unrealistic expectation and the expert may have failed at doing that. Others may have had the expectation that the expert would deliver ideas to make your first or next marketing campaign better and the expert certainly DID do that (at least in my opinion).

How can our opinions differ when we have the same experiences?
Photo by JD Hancock

Why the differences in opinion from the exact same experience?

I don’t know for sure, but when I left events unhappy it was often because I felt I didn’t get what I expected. We’re my expectations realistic? Not always. Was I desperate for this person to save me from the problems I had in my world? Yes, mostly. This thought inspired another article about expectations and unhappiness and you can read it here.

When I left events happy it was mostly because I felt I got one or two gold nuggets of information I can use to move the needle forward. I felt happy this time because I can work on my Avatar or Buyer Persona (marketing talk for target market or ideal customer) in a big way. I was also introduced to another idea called “landing the plane” for being ultra concrete on WHO as well as WHAT THE TRANSFORMATION will be after working with me. These are powerful concepts and ones I can help my marketing customers with, but struggle with sometimes as I am too close to things. Anyhow, I KNOW this type of marketing program is my future and I KNOW these two things were keeping my marketing from being as successful as it could be, and so I found value in the training. It’s been a month or so since the training and I have accomplished some pretty cool things in the last 4-weeks and see big things happening in the next 4-weeks based on my learning.

My point is sometimes we must ask, why am I frustrated? What was I hoping to gain from these 3 days? What didn’t I get? Why? What can I do to overcome these shortcomings? How can I take responsibilities for where I am at in general and after the 3-day-mark? Even though I am frustrated about the event, is there anything I can do today to leverage the materials and what I DID learn? Or are there any people I connected with that can inspire me to push through my frustration and get me on the right path?

Quick tips from the expert related to mindset
Photo by kylelf_

Quick tips this expert offered:

  • Commitment trumps Talent –
    (my thoughts – do a crappy promotion ASAP – progress is better than perfection)
  • Frequency before Excellency –
    (my thoughts – do A LOT of crappy promotions on a regular basis and keep learning and improving. Excellence comes from experience.)
  • Courage, Capability, Confidence –
    (my thoughts – have courage by doing crappy promotions. A lot of them. Each time get more and more capable. With that you’ll gain more confidence.)

Remember, only you can do your promotion (keep in mind although this story is about marketing, know it could be about parenting, dating, fixing your car, or any other career or life goal) and don’t get so hung up on perfection that you don’t do the work and put it out into the world. Just say… I’M GOING TO DO THIS IN SPITE OF WHAT I DON’T HAVE!

This is an example of a positive mindset and pure commitment. Let go of perfection and be committed to failing until you are skilled enough to DO a perfect promotion (or whatever the struggle you are working to overcome is).

You got this!
Just LAAAAUUUNCH it out into the world!!!!!

bonus material
Photo by Frédéric BISSON

Comments related to this Original Post/Discussion…

Here are a few comments related to this topic from a fellow attendee of the event that was interested in why some were complaining and what I thought about it related to mindset as they knew I was passionate about this topic…

M, a nature expert, said… 
“Yes! Mindset mindset mindset!!!!

Thanks for sharing Dale!
Doing my first video this Thursday!
Any other tips of improving the mindset in the wild world of entrepreneurship?”

I responded back…

“M, you are blessed in that nature helps you with regrouping and coming back to your authentic self. Tap into the beauty of nature and the beauty of that authentic-self! You got this, my friend!

For those outside of nature and getting their ass kicked in business, try nature walks OR find a guide on your journey because if your mindset is wrecked, your life will be wrecked too.
No successful business owner conquered the world with a bad mindset.

Take a break from business and… meditate, meditate, meditate.

Most business folks might think this is crazy, but having your head in the game for doing intense things like marketing campaign promotions is extremely important and a total game changer.
Commit to learning about mindset and work on bettering yours ALWAYS. It’s your most powerful tool.”
M responded…
“Dale thanks for the words of wisdom!
But what if someone has never meditated, or just thinks it’s a bunch of woo woo hippie crap that doesn’t actually work?”

I responded back…

“M, many will think that. If that’s their take, I’d recommend reading the book Mindset. It discusses the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
Not doing something because its woo woo hippie crap, sadly is judging and being closed minded, and thinking you know better than others. That is certainly part of being in a fixed mindset. A growth mindset person would say… I’m not a hippie and never will be (if that’s their inclination) BUT what’s this talk about mindset? Why did this expert do a meditation on the first day of this training, and why was it the first thing they did to kick things off? Could there be something to this mindset stuff? Should I explore it? Maybe this expert is on to something and maybe it could help business people too.
I challenge people not to believe me or anything I say, but try it for themselves. Then quit everything that doesn’t serve them and double down on whatever does serve them.
If they want to learn “find a guide” maybe a business owner who meditates or someone in their space who teaches mindset mastery. Ha!”

In Closing…

I know this story was a bit different than my typical articles and was related to a life experience that may not be relevant to you in any way, per se, but look deeper. Replace the idea of marketing campaign with something that IS relevant in your world. We all have things that we judge and sometimes misjudge too soon as we may be looking through the wrong lens. If we go through life as an expert we miss a lot of opportunities to learn. If we practice gratitude on a regular basis, we can overcome this issue of judging things negatively and we open ourselves up to new opportunities.

You mindset and your attitude can paint how an event goes and what your experience will be. In my life, I’ve committed to being a life-long learner and so I am always studying mindset and how to continually improve it. Every year my mindset gets better and better and I welcome this continued improvement, but to gain the wins I have to be willing to admit that I DO NOT know it all. Flipping my mindset like this and letting go of the need to be right or an expert took time to reprogram, but it was really worth it and was a total game changer for myself and I believe it could be for you as well.

Did you know gratitude can be a powerful tool to changing your mindset? Sign up for a 5-Day Gratitude Challenge that will put you on a path to happiness in less than a week!

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