Book Review: How To Solve Our Human Problems

Book Review: How To Solve Our Human Problems: The Four Noble Truths

This is the first book, the Facebook group Buddhist Living reviewed (I, Dale Berkebile, recorded this alone, shared my thoughts, and asked questions based on your thoughts and your reading of this book). The reason I choose this book was I wanted to start with a book discussing The Four Noble Truths. These are some of the foundational lessons in Buddhism and they can be a game-changer even if you are from the West (America) and not fully behind Buddhism yet and do not want to be, but do want to find more sustainable Happiness. This is an easy read and I found it very enlightening with some powerful ideas that will flip most of our modern belief systems on their ears. In the recordings, we cover about half of the book in roughly an hour. It can be listened to via an audio file or watched via a video file depending upon your preference and time.

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Dale Berkebile Dale Berkebile Facilitator

Trained and Certified in The 5 Mindfulness Trainings, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I’m a life-long learner, high-level visionary, business misfit, and 20+ year business owner. Love is my religion. Integrity and Enlightenment are my jam. I’m a music junkie. I love live music, punk rock, and vinyl records. I’m an outdoors enthusiast, like a good Captain-n-Coke, and I am a family man with a foul mouth. I’ve been doing personal development since 1999, studying & practicing meditation and Taoism since 2014, and studying & practicing Buddhism since 2018.

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