Imposter Syndrome: What It is & How Healing Meditation Helps

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Even Tom Hanks has dealt with Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is the forerunner of self-destruction, but people like Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fay have learned to keep it in check and maintain success in their fields.

Psychological experts simply define imposter syndrome as a collection of thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that remain with you even after achieving success. It is pressing self-doubt and sometimes continuous fear of failure.

NBC News reports that people with imposter syndrome fall into the trap of procrastination because they don’t feel ready enough to take on a given task ‘perfectly.’ These are mostly people with type A Personality; they may fall into the trap of spending too much time on one task.

The imposter phenomenon can hold you back from higher heights of success. Despite your long-proven expertise, the imposter syndrome may make you feel incompetent and not worthy of more, bigger, better. You then start spending too much on proving yourself and neglect family and friends.

How do teachers and course creators deal with imposter syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome in Educators

Many teachers, instructors, and educators have these persistent thoughts and feelings “I have no idea what I’m doing as a teacher”, “I’m not knowledgeable enough in this subject to be a great teacher,” “I don’t know why people say I’m a great teacher.”

Whether you are an online course creator, business owner that presents, a mentor or coach, or in-classroom teacher, these feelings indicate the imposter phenomenon that has been the destruction of many. Self-doubt suffocates success.

On top of the paralyzing nature of these innate fears, there is social media’s effect. When you see star educators thriving in their fields on Instagram or LinkedIn, you may inadvertently be gripped by feelings of inferiority.

Finding happiness through daily meditation.

Mental Healing and Strengthening Through Meditation

Meditation has been found to be incredibly healthy in many ways, including lowering blood pressure, de-stressing, and improving heart rate. But how can online course creators use meditation to overcome the imposter syndrome?

Feelings of inadequacy are proof of your humanity as opposed to incompetence. The imposter syndrome indicates a personality linked to strong integrity, mastery, and excellence. Healing meditation can help you leverage this as fuel for confidence and consistent success in your field.

With healing meditation, you identify your thoughts and fears for what they are. You learn to become at ease with them and to let them go. The mental-strengthening effect of meditation gives you a single focus—excellence—and makes you mildly immune to self-doubt and distractive thought patterns or maybe better stated as better ways to cope with these issues.

Meditation grants you equanimity and stability amidst the ever-changing currents of life. Success as an online course creator can be up and down if you do not have things dialed-in perfectly or if you’re in uncertain startup mode. Reviews can be kind or remorselessly negative. Daily meditation gives you a stable sense of self and a sense of deep self-awareness.

Healing meditation is how the earlier mentioned stars maintain focus and clarity on their work and keep breaking records. You can try it as well. The odd thing is meditation can work in different ways for all kinds of different people.

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