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SELFCARE Mindfulness Course

My Purpose in life: 

I am here to challenge people to become innovative leaders so that we can change the world together.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in trying to change the world for the better, is that in order to do this successfully, the first thing I must change is MYSELF. I realized that my problems were harming not only myself, but my family, my community, and the world at large. By healing myself, I was actually bringing more value to the world. Acts of self-care are easy to view as ‘being selfish’, but when you show up better in the world, you are able to create a more beautiful, healthy, and joy filled world. Invest in yourself and you will be contributing to the world. The ripple effects can be quite miraculous.

Dale Berkebile

Dale Berkebile, Jr

Taking Care Of Oneself
Is Taking Care Of Each Other

The Buddha told a story of an acrobatic master and his pupil. They went to the market every day to give a performance. The man held a bamboo pole, and the little girl climbed very high up the bamboo pole. One day the master said, “My child, let us take good care of each other. I’ll take care of you and you take care of me, and that way we can both be safe and stay alive while we perform and earn our living.”

The young girl replied, “But master, I see it differently. I think that if I take good care of myself and you take good care of yourself then we will both be safe, able to support each other, and to continue making a living.”

The little girl understood the true nature of interbeing. There is no discrimination, no separation. When you take good care of yourself, you are taking care of the other person. Looking after ourselves means looking after others.

How do we look after ourselves? By practicing mindfulness. By knowing what is going on in our body and mind. We bring our mind home to our body and establish ourselves firmly in the present moment. We bring our awareness to our breathing and relax our body.

Taking care of our strong emotions and learning to recognize our wrong perceptions, we discover the roots of our suffering.

How do we take care of others? When we go to work, we drive carefully–that’s the way to take care of your daughter, your son, your partner. You will amaze yourself. You will find that by taking care of yourself, by healing the wounds in yourself, you begin to heal the wounds in the other person. The other person will be able to see your transformation.

– Thich Nhat Hanh,
from How To Fight

This course is focused on helping you build the ‘Hellagood Life’ we all strive for. In a world filled with stress, anxiety, fear, hate, divisiveness, mass consumerism, huge debt, anger, road rage, and overwhelm with family activities or concerns with school, we all need healthier outlets. You may not want to hear this, but to live life means to encounter suffering. This is the human condition and we must learn to deal with it. Most of us have never been taught how to do this in a healthy way.

Sadly, we often chase happiness and try to avoid and push all our suffering to the side. This does not really work. If you truly are looking to create a life worth living, a Hellagood Life, then we must start to understand our suffering, deal with our suffering, give space to it instead of trying to avoid it and we must stop chasing pleasures only. We must seek to create and live lives that are more rich, full, and filled with meaning and purpose. Typically society, the media, schools, and our families have trained us on ‘how to live’, often, their advice does just the opposite. Some of this is intentional (marketing to perpetuate consumerism), but most advice is not intentionally given, to harm us. This advice is given to the best of their abilities, education, and skills. We are not here to blame or shame, but take full responsibility for the life we have and the one we create. In this course, you will get a deeper understanding of why we behave and think the way we do, and tools and activities to help us to ease our daily suffering.

Often people think mindfulness and meditation is hippy tree-hugger stuff and not serious scientifically-based practices. In reality, this course offers resources that have been backed by science and the medical community.

This course is for…

• the overwhelmed parent trying to manage a healthy family
• the business owner or employee that is on the verge of burn out
• the person struggling and looking to get their shit together and ways to create more grace and self-compassion
• the single person looking for better ways to find love (internal self-love for yourself, and ways to give better love to other people, as well as accepting love from others. Love in this case is not sexual but based on human connections and relationships).
• the person that is overwhelmed by negativity, the pandemic, race relations, and politics

This is a non-religious, non-spiritual, scientific strategy focused course to hack your mind, do mental exercises, and workout your brain in order to create a more enjoyable, thriving, and happy life.

This course…

  • Is a comprehensive 8-week/session mindfulness training package
  • Is based on scientific research and fully referenced
  • Comes complete with videos, worksheets, weekly activities, and references for more learning
  • Is good for those new to meditation and mindfulness and those that have been practicing for a while

SELFCARE Mindfulness Workbooks & Activity Journals

Course Information

Estimated Time: Weekly Lessons are 30-60 Minutes, Exercises are 10-30 Minutes, Extra Resources Average 30 Minutes Per Week and include Recommended Books which are all Optional

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Dale Berkebile Dale Berkebile Instructor

Trained and Certified in The 5 Mindfulness Trainings, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I'm a life-long learner, high-level visionary, business misfit, and 20+ year business owner. Love is my religion. Integrity and Enlightenment are my jam. I’m a music junkie. I love live music, punk rock, and vinyl records. I’m an outdoors enthusiast, like a good Captain-n-Coke, and I am a family man with a foul mouth. I've been doing personal development since 1999, studying & practicing meditation and Taoism since 2014, and studying & practicing Buddhism since 2018.

SELFCARE Mindfulness Course


This is an online 8-week course focused on helping you overcome your stress, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, fear, and sadness.  This includes 8 weekly video lessons, a 168-page workbook & activity journal, and 3 recommended mindfulness exercises each week.  Get on the road to thriving, true happiness, and creating the Hellagood Life you want today!

Course with Personal Coaching & Accountability

per month

Get personal coaching, accountability, and personal support to help you implement the training!

This package includes…

  • A monthly best practices 1-hour coaching call
  • Focused personalization with extra Q&A time
  • Several additional guided meditations for deeper practice
  • A committed accountability partner
  • Access to the course and all course materials 


Sometimes you just need or want some extra hand-holding.  Let’s create your Hellagood Life together!

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