10 Day Stress Buster Challenge

10 Day Stress Buster Challenge

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Dale Berkebile Dale Berkebile Instructor

I’m a life-long learner, high-level visionary, business misfit, and 20+ year business owner. Love is my religion. Integrity and Enlightenment are my jam. Speaking of “jams” – I’m a music junkie, I love live music, punk rock, and vinyl records. I’m an outdoors enthusiast, like a good Captain-n-Coke, and I am a family man with a foul mouth. I’ve been doing personal development since 1999, studying & practicing mindfulness since 2004 and exploring Buddhism since 2018.

Free 10 Day Challenge

20 days of access

The 10 Day Stress Buster Challenge will offer 1 thought and exercise each day to help you ease stress in your life. You will have access to a video lesson to explain the concept each day. You will also have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions and or share your ideas about each day’s lessons.

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