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How are you dealing with insecurities caused by the pandemic?

How Are You Dealing with Covid-19 Insecurities? Saying the pandemic has had a felt impact around the world is perhaps the greatest understatement of all times. In a matter of moments, the novel Coronavirus spread around the globe, leaving behind a trail of devastation. With an increase in curfews and lockdowns, numerous people suffered job

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What is meditation, and who's it for? Monks or common people like me?

What is Meditation, and Who is it for?

When we think about meditation, we imagine Tibetan monks sitting cross-legged in absolute silence in a temple on top of a mountain. Blame it on pop culture if you must, but there is some accuracy in that depiction. Meditation can be defined as an art, or better yet, a practice used to train the mind

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To get good times, you'll need to go through and deal with bad times - hellagood times require some hellabad times

Creating a Hellagood Life Requires Accepting Hellabad Times

When ‘friends’ aren’t really being friendly to nonconformists.   Brace yourself for a long, painful, personal story of bad times, and some brief thoughts on how I overcame them.   Over the last 7 years, I’ve been working on some personal struggles in my life. I had a dark 2-year bout with depression and to

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Self Care is is selfish or mandatory?

Self Care: Is It Selfish or Mandatory?

When we think of self care, we often think that we take care of ourselves, and doing really good taking care of ourselves, right?    Some of us do, but often times in society, we just run ourselves ragged and burn the candle at both ends. Would you agree? To me, even in these crazy

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Gratitude… for Gratitude. I am thankful for my life, my wife and my family among so many other things.

Gratitude… for Gratitude

Let me start out by saying this was originally a long-ass Facebook Post. That’s how I do Facebook… longassed. Anyhow, I share this because the references will by stated from the mindset of these ideas being shared on Facebook, however although you can use them on Facebook or in person or anywhere, I wanted you

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What is vulnerability was your superpower? Welcome to the HellaGood Life website!

What if Vulnerability was your Superpower?

In a world that feels mighty and empowered by winning at all cost have we lost a bit of humanity that actually makes us our best selves? What am I doing writing about “vulnerability” like some expert when I have no idea what the hell I am doing creating this site or what I want

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