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How to build a successful accountability group.
Dale Berkebile

What is Needed to Create Success in an Accountability Group?

What is an Accountability Group? I always like to start out with clarifying definitions so we can all start on the same page and so I thought I should offer my definition so you understand where I am coming from and hopefully our definitions align for a good starting point. An accountability group is a

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CATEGORIES:   Self-Care Body  |  Mind  |  Spirit  )   |  Relationships Self  |  Loved-Ones  |  Community  )   |  Life Purpose Values  |  Goals  |  Passions  )

Have you tried Sleep Meditation? Try this guided meditation for sleep to get started sawing logs. Healthy Living.

Sleep Meditation: Try Using this Guided Meditation for Sleep

Say Goodnight to Your Sleep Problems: Let’s Discuss The Power of Sleep Meditation Sleep problems are more common than you may realize. It’s estimated that around 30% of adults suffer from sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and sleep deprivation. Furthermore, sleep disturbances affect an additional 40% of the population at some point in

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What is Neurotherapy?

What is Neurotherapy and How Good Is It?

If you are like me you are new to Neurotherapy, but if you’re a curious life-long learner, keep reading! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions? If so, Neurotherapy may be something interesting to explore. I am curious about all strategies and practices for one to live their best life. Neurotherapy although

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Mindful running as one of your mindful workouts!

Mindful Workouts? Why is Mindfulness Important for Your Workout?

What are Mindful Workouts? If you practice mindfulness you may know that eventually it starts flowing in to all areas of your life – even your workouts! A workout for the sole purpose of physical exercise can only have limited health benefits. It can help you stay fit to some level and boost your serotonin

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Your VOTE alone is NOT enough! Concerns about political campaigning and what to do about it.

Concerns about Political Campaigning

Random Reflections & Pondering about Pro-Military Election Campaigning As election season rolls around again I had a new insight about political campaigning. A candidate I’ll probably be voting for has a photo of them in an Army shirt and Veteran hat. Of course… I thank them for their service, and I thank all veterans for

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Why I can't Sleep and tips on how to sleep better.

why I can’t sleep & How to get better sleep

Thoughts on SLEEP: Why I Can’t Sleep It is fairly common knowledge what some of the worst disruptors of sleep are, you know things like stress, work or family related issues, as well as unhealthy habits like overeating or drinking coffee before bed. Sometimes we know why we can’t sleep and other times the reasons

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what does living an authentic life looks like? Happiness. Be The Change You Want to See in the world. Join Change Makers Academy.

9 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life

In a social media world it seems people are trying to break free from fakeness by living a more authentic life. Here are a few ways to do that… Authenticity is to be true to one’s personality and character. It means you’re willing to show the world who you really are. You’re willing to live

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Dedicated to Protect? - Fort Worth Police.

Dedicated to Protect? But Is “Protection” what we need?

Dedicated to Protect? Some random thoughts on a recent shooting that was too close to home for me and random other self-reflections. This morning I started writing a post on Facebook and then I stopped to get my family ready for work and school. I saved the post to a google doc and went about

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4 signs you might need to change your mindset.

4 Signs You Need To Change Your Mindset

Why should you change your mindset? At the end of the day the real reason you may want to change your mindset is to unlock your full potential. As they say… same old thoughts, same old results. If you’re reading this it might be because you are seeking some new results in life. No matter

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What is the law of attraction? Is it just for receiving simple pleasures in life?

What Is The Law of Attraction? Will it fulfill my Simple Pleasures?

Have you heard stories about the law of attraction? Have you ever wondered… What is the Law of Attraction? …or wondered is it real? Or maybe even wondered something like… Is the law of attraction just something that caters to my wishes and simple pleasures? Or is it deeper than that? Let’s explore the law

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