February 2021

What is pyshiology and why should I care about it? The science of life.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

What is Physiology and Why Should I Care About It?

Meeting Your Basic Survival Needs So in this past week Texas, where I live, had an awful cold snap and winter storm. Texas doesn’t do well in snow or icy weather but it is very rare we have bitter cold or freezing temperatures. We had roughly a week that fell down into the teens for

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Can course creators or anyone use healing meditation to help with imposter syndrome?
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: What It is & How Healing Meditation Helps

Imposter syndrome is the forerunner of self-destruction, but people like Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fay have learned to keep it in check and maintain success in their fields. Psychological experts simply define imposter syndrome as a collection of thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that remain with you even after achieving success. It is

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Finding happiness through daily meditation.

Are You Finding Happiness Through Daily Meditation, Yet?

It’s no secret! Finding happiness has always been everyone’s goal in life. Satisfaction manifests in various ways. But regardless of your understanding of true happiness, you’ll be glad to know that living a happier life is within reach. Yes, it’s possible! Through mindfulness and meditation, you’re one step closer to living a more satisfying life. Why

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What is meditation, and who's it for? Monks or common people like me?

What is Meditation, and Who is it for?

When we think about meditation, we imagine Tibetan monks sitting cross-legged in absolute silence in a temple on top of a mountain. Blame it on pop culture if you must, but there is some accuracy in that depiction. Meditation can be defined as an art, or better yet, a practice used to train the mind

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